A-B1503 Assemble manual

A-B1502 Assemble manual

A-B1501 Assemble manual

A-B11 One Touch Released Way Reel Knob

It is NOT allowed to continue turn the wheel knob after you loose knob in anticlockwise with a click sound..

Video - A-A14 assembled manual

Video - A-A14 assembled manual

Way to use #Z-C00 Torque wrench in 2.5kg limit

#Z-C00 Torque wrench in 2.5kg limit


Way to thread wire.PDF

A-A14 Reel Knob Assembled Manual-English

A-B15 Reel Knob Assembled Manual(Kevlar wire)-English

A-B15 Reel Knob Assembled Manual(Steel wire)-English

A-B11 Reel Knob Assembled Manual-English